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Saliva Drug Testing Kits

We offer high quality oral mouth swab drug tests at affordable prices. Saliva drug tests are less invasive and provide additional security since they are not able to be tampered with like urine drug screens. You will be able to attain results in only a matter of minutes. In the case that someone has a “shy bladder” a saliva screen is a great way to still be able to provide a test.

Why Customers Use Our Saliva Drug Tests?

99% Accuracy

Instant Results in 5-7 min

Easy To Use

Tamper Resistant

Why Use a Saliva Drug Test?

Saliva drug tests are less invasive and provide additional security since they are not able to be tampered with like urine drug tests. You will be able to attain results in only a matter of minutes and are able to watch as the donor performs the drug test. In the case that someone has a “shy bladder” a saliva drug test is a great way to still be able to provide a test. Saliva drug test are also able to detect more recent usage activity than a urine test. In comparison a saliva drug test can detect if someone had used a drug typically within about 5-10 min but a urine test would not be able to detect the drug until after about 2-5 hrs.

For these above reasons oral fluid drug test are ideal for a broad range of testing situations including pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, rehabs, healthcare, universities, judicial system, prisons, and post-accident. If you still would like assistance in choosing the best test for your needs feel free to contact us.

Saliva Drug Test Benefits

  • Accuracy – Our Saliva drug test perform at a 99% degree of accuracy. We never compromise on quality and assure our test are among the highest quality in the market
  • Easy to use – Our saliva drug test is very simple to use and read the results
  • Results in Minutes – Our saliva drug test will show results in only about 5-7 min
  • Non Invasive - Saliva drug are much less invasive than a urine test and solve the problem of a “shy bladder”
  • Test For Multiple Drugs – With our saliva drug test you are able to easily test up to 12 drugs at once
  • Affordable – Our tests are among the highest quality saliva drug tests in the market while still being offered at a very affordable price
  • Can’t be Faked – The saliva drug test administrator is able to watch the donor the whole time while performing the test so there is no way for them to circumvent the tests results

Saliva Drug Test Information

Saliva drug test are a quick and easy way to screen for up to 12 drugs of abuse. Many people choose to implement saliva drug testing into their drug testing program instead of urine based test due to the simplicity of the test and non-invasive method of gathering the specimen. Since the donor doesn’t have to go to the bathroom for a saliva drug test the test administrator can also watch the donor perform the test. This means the donor has no way to fool the test as they may try when performing a urine test. This make saliva drug test such a valuable tool if it is suspected that a donor is attempting to fake a drug test.

Saliva test work by measuring the parent compounds (psychoactive elements) of a drug found in a person’s saliva. The saliva will contain the parent drug compounds just as the blood does. The parent compound will appear in a person's saliva more quickly than the metabolite of the same drug will appear in a person’s urine. This makes a saliva drug test such a great tool for using in workplace drug testing for post-accident since it can detect the recent usage. Still as with any onsite drug test a saliva drug test is a qualitative test and it is always recommended to send any positives to a lab for confirmations. For more information on mouth swab drug testing in the workplace check out our blog on common questions from employees and employers on mouth swab drug testing.

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How long does it take for results to show after you are tested with a saliva drug test?

The amount of time needed for results to show up after a saliva or mouth swab drug test is performed depends on whether the samples are sent to a lab or tested on-site. Lab results usually take 24 hours. However, they may take longer if you live in a remote location. Home drug testing kits used by employers, at home or on-site testing devices, including those used for roadside tests, can yield results in just a few minutes. The saliva drug test kits are if properly done can be very effective drug screening tests. For the most part, if a saliva drug test results is negative and indicates that no drugs were detected that would be sufficient proof that the person has not used drugs and you do not need to do anything further. In the event you are not 100% about the accuracy and suspect an employee is using drugs, we recommend multiple tests during a short period of time (such as 1-2 weeks).

In the event you are performing saliva drug test at your workplace to screen employees, you should then confirm all positive results using a certified laboratory which can corroborate your results.

Should my business start adopting Saliva Drug Test to screen employees and how to go about it?

There are certain occasions and conditions in which you should consider start testing for drugs if your company decides it is warranted. Some indications that you company needs to start testing include, recurring accidents, suspicious behaviors or found evidence.

Saliva drug tests are easy to conduct by employers and have various applications. Ensuring your business is a drug-free workplace can easily be accomplished by establishing a process or drug testing employees. The easiest form of testing is via saliva drug tests or urine testing caps. For additional details about drug testing requirements and other useful information we recommend visiting the FDA website.