Mouth Swab Drug Tests 

Mouth swab drug tests are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces, due to their convenience and accuracy. But what exactly is a mouth swab drug test? How do you prepare for it? What kind of samples can be collected with this type of testing and how accurate are the results? In this article we'll answer all these questions and more about saliva based testing. We'll also talk about cost considerations as well as any relevant regulations surrounding them so that employers have an understanding before they order supplies for their workplace. Read on to learn everything you need to know about mouth swab drug tests!

What is a Mouth Swab Drug Test?

A mouth swab drug test is a type of drug screening that uses saliva to detect the presence of drugs in an individual’s system. It is often used as an alternative to urine or blood tests, and it can be administered quickly and easily with minimal discomfort for the person being tested. The test works by collecting a sample of saliva from inside the cheek, which is then analyzed for traces of drugs.

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Statistics On Addiction and Substance Abuse

The 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that a staggering number of people aged 12 or older, around 40.3 million, had a substance use disorder in the past year. This survey also highlighted that the majority of Americans in need of treatment for illicit drug use, more than 80%, are not receiving it.

  • Illegal drug use in America aged 12 and older is at 11.7%
  • 53 million people or 19.4% of the population 12 and over have misused illegal drugs or prescription drugs
  • When alcohol and tabaco is included it's found that a staggering 165 million Americans or 60.2% of the population aged 12 years and older are currently struggling with drug abuse

Substance abuse is very prevalent and has even increased since the pandemic at the beginning of 2020 according to the American Psychology association. It is reported that people are using “a bit more” than they used to. There are many tools to help with issues like this and performing mouth swab testing is one of them.

How Does it Work?

A mouth swab drug test works by collecting a small sample of saliva from inside the cheek using a special absorbent pad or cotton swab. This sample is then analyzed for traces of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, benzodiazepines and other substances. Depending on the type of testing kit used, results can usually be obtained within minutes or a few days after collectiion if lab testing is used. 

What Drugs Can Be Detected?

Oral fluid drug test can detect a wide range of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and opioids. They can also detect the presence of prescription drugs, such as Valium, OxyContin, and Adderall. The difference is based on how many substances a test is testing for. There are a variety of options such as a 5 panel drug test, 7 panel drug test, 10 panel drug test, or 12 panel drug test. They are designed to detect recent use rather than long-term exposure to certain substances; therefore they are best suited for detecting recent drug use rather than a consistently habitual user. In addition to these common illicit substances, some kits may also be able to detect prescription medications such as benzodiazepines (Xanax) and stimulants (Adderall).

Mouth swab drug tests are a quick and convenient way to detect drugs in the system. With proper preparation, they can provide accurate results in a timely manner. In the next section, we'll discuss how to prepare for a mouth swab drug test and what steps you should take to ensure accurate results.


By using a muti-panel drug test you can detect various combinations of the following substances:

-              Cocaine

-              Marijuana Opiates 300ng

-              Amphetamines

-              Methamphetamine

-              Ecstasy (MDMA)

-              Oxycodone

-              Benzodiazepines

-              Barbiturates

-              Methadone

-              Phencyclidine

-              Buprenorphine (BUP)

-              Phencyclidine (PCP)


Key Takeaway
Mouth swab drug tests are an easy and quick way to detect recent use of illicit drugs like marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates and benzodiazepines. They may also be able to detect prescription medications such as Xanax and Adderall.

Preparing to Perfrom a Mouth Swab Drug Test 

If you are an employer preparing to perfrom oral swab test is an important to understand what can effect the tests.  It’s important to know what to do and not do before taking the test, as well as how long it takes to get results. Here are some tips on what testing applicants should do and not do. 

Before taking a oral fluid test, it's best practice to avoid any activities that could cause false positives or interfere with the accuracy of the test. This includes avoiding certain foods and drinks like poppy seeds, energy drinks, and even some cold medicines. Additionally, brushing your teeth or using mouthwash shortly before taking the test can also affect its accuracy.

What to Avoid Before Taking the Test? In order to ensure accurate results from a mouth swab drug test, it's important to avoid eating food or drinking beverages that may contain drugs such as marijuana or cocaine up until at least 24 hours prior to testing. It's also important not to use any products containing alcohol within 48 hours of testing since this could lead to false positive readings on tests for alcohol consumption. Additionally, abstaining from smoking cigarettes is recommended since nicotine can remain in saliva for up 12 hours after smoking which could lead inaccurate readings on tests for nicotine consumption.

Proper preparation for a saliva test is essential to ensure accurate results. To ensure the best possible outcome, it's important to understand how the sample is collected and processed - let's take a look at that next.

Collecting and Processing Samples for a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Collecting a sample for a oral drug test is relatively straightforward. The individual being tested will be asked to open their mouth and the collector will use an absorbent pad or swab to collect saliva from inside the cheek. This process should take no more than two minutes, and the sample should then be placed in a collection container so that the resutls can appear. 

Processing of the sample is also quite simple. The collection container with the sample must first be labeled with identifying information such as name, date of birth, etc., before it can be sent off for analysis at an accredited laboratory. Once received by the lab, technicians will extract any drugs present in the saliva using specialized equipment and chemicals designed specifically for this purpose.

are a reliable and convenient way to test for the presence of drugs in an individual's system. In this section, we discussed how samples are collected and processed for such tests. Next, let us explore more in detail how they work and the correct procedures to follow for accurate results


How Does a Swab Test Work

Mouth swabs are very convenient because they can be conducted right onsite and there is not need for same sex observation as with urine testing or any needles with blood testing. Once performing the first few test the rest will become easy to do. No special training is needed to administer a saliva test and you will be able to get the results in about 5-10 mi.

Follow these procedures for the best results:

Read the instructions: Before administering the test, make sure to read the instructions carefully. This will ensure that the test is used correctly and that the results are accurate.

Collect the sample: The person being tested will need to swab the inside of their mouth with the provided swab for a certain amount of time, usually between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This will collect a sample of their saliva.

Place the swab in the container: Once the sample has been collected, the swab should be placed in the provided container. Make sure to seal the container properly to prevent any contamination of the sample.

Wait for results to appear: The test results will appear in about 3-7 min

Interpret Results: First check the control region to be sure a line has appeared. Then check the test region. If there is a line then it is a negative result even if the line is faint. If there is no line then it is a  positive.

Send the sample to the lab: The container with the sample should be sent to the lab for confirmatory testing if the test came back as a non-negative. 


Accuracy of Mouth Swab Drug Tests

A swab test is highly accurate but only when used correctly as with any rapid testing kit. Since mouth swabs are performed directly in front of the testing administrator, it is virtually impossible for the test to be tampered with.

There are variations in accuracy between different testing methods, such as instant oral fluid testing kits, instant oral fluid testing devices, and lab-based testing. Some research conducted found that an onsite saliva drug test method was 97.5 percent accurate compared to a lab based test. Other factors that may affect the level of accuracy include type of drug and concentration, how the specimen sample was collected,  and whether or not salivary flow had been increased. All of these can may effect the ability for the test to perform properly. For example, using these agents can significantly lower the concentration of codeine by up to six-fold, methamphetamine by up to four-fold, and cocaine by five-fold. So therefore it is important to note that If a person's saliva flow is over stimulated, it has the possibility of leading to false negative results.

Is It Accurate Enough to be Used in Court Cases? Mouth swab drug tests are considered reliable enough to be used in court cases if they are conducted properly by trained personnel following all applicable laws and regulations. However, it is important to note that these tests cannot detect drugs beyond 72 hours after use so results may not always reflect “recent” drug use accurately.

Detection Periods: How Far Back Will a Mouth Swab Drug Test Go

The detection period is the amount of time that drugs can be detected in the saliva after they have been used .For an oral fluid test the detection period is typically between 5-48 hrs

The interval of detection can vary based on the following:

-              Type of drug ingested

-              individual's metabolism

-              Amount of the substance used

-              How long the person was using the drug

-              How often the person being testing was using the substance

-              The sensitivity of the test

-              The specificity of the procedure used

-              consumption method and drugs arrangement

-              Age and sex of the testing applicant

-              Food and water consumption before and after drug usage

Each drug has a different detection period some for a few days and some for only a few hours. For example THC still is one of the drugs with the longest detection window for a saliva test up to 72 hours. 

As an example, from a research study conducted it was found that the detection period for opiates in oral fluid ranged from 12 to 32 hours. Still the consistency and duration of drug use has provided mixed findings regarding the detection window. 

How Long to Receive Results With a Mouth Swab Test

How fast you receive results will depend on the type of test you are using. When using an instant onsite test kit then you will have results in a few minutes but if using a lab it can take anywhere from 1-3 days.

When sending presumptive positives to a lab it is also a possibility the sample will be subjected to a procedural evaluation that could last anywhere from 2-3 days.

Is a Saliva or Urine Test More Accurate?

Both are just as accurate as each other but are better used for different purposes. Urine drug tests are better for determining a persons historical drug use rather than recent, which a saliva test is better at.

Sometimes people can mistake this for a difference in accuracy when it is actually just due the type of specimen that is being collected.

It is also important to consider that some drugs may not be detected in either a saliva or urine test and will require other type of test to be detected.


A Comparison between the Different Types of Tests

Saliva swab test vs urine test

Both urine and saliva test are quick, easy, and low cost method for performing onsite testing. Saliva test are non-invasive and same sex collection is not needed. While urine test can be a bit more invasive to perform. They also differ in detection times, urine test being able to detect drugs usage further back while saliva test having a shorter detection period. Both still have a 2-3 turnaround time for a lab. When it come to being tamper proof saliva test are a better option if wanting to avoid the possibility of samples becoming adulterated.

Saliva vs blood test

A saliva test is quick, easy and non-invasive while blood test is the most invasive and can be uncomfortable for the testing applicant. Blood test are quite a bit more expensive than the low cost alternative if a saliva test. A saliva drug test is able to be performed onsite and achieve results right away while with a blood test the turnaround is about a week to receive any results. Both have a shorter detection period in comparison to other testing methods but a blood test outranks a saliva test in being more accurate overall.


Saliva vs Hair test

They both are similar in that they are quick, easy, and painless. Turnaround times are longer for hair test at about a week in comparison to saliva tests with results onsite. The length of the hair can also may effect how the hair drug test is able to perform. Cost wise hair test are much higher, but do have a very long detection period being able to give more historical information about the applicants drug usage. Hair test are the most accurate testing method when performed professionally.

Key Takeaway
Mouth swab drug tests are a convenient, cost-effective and accurate way to detect drugs up to 72 hours after use. However, they may have false positives or negatives and do not detect substances beyond this window so other testing methods such as hair follicle analysis should be considered if longer term usage needs to be detected.

Are There Any False Positives or Negatives with This Type of Testing Methodology?

Generally speaking mouth swab drug tests have low rates of false positives or negatives when compared to other types of testing methods such as urine or blood samples. However it is still possible for incorrect results due to improper collection techniques or contamination of the sample during processing so proper procedures must be followed at all times.

While oral fluide based tests can provide accurate results within 72 hours after use, they do not detect any substances beyond this window. This means that longer term usage may go undetected unless another type of testing method is used instead, such as hair follicle analysis which can detect drugs up to 90 days after use depending on the substance being tested for.


Oral fluids test are a reliable and cost-effective option for companies that need to test employees or customers, but it is important to understand their accuracy level compared to other testing methods. Next, we will discuss the information on how much they cost. 

Cost of Mouth Swab Drug Tests

The cost of a mouth swab drug test can vary depending on the type of kit purchased. Generally, the average cost per test kit is between $15 and $30 USD. Some companies may offer bulk discounts for purchasing multiple kits at once, which could reduce the overall cost significantly. For example, if you purchase 100 10 panel mouth swab drug tests from Halux Diagnostic Inc, you will get a discounted price of $7.75. 

When looking for a reliable source to purchase your drug testing supplies from, it’s important to do some research into the company before making any purchases. Check out customer reviews online and read through their product information. It’s also important to make sure that they use quality materials when manufacturing their products as this will ensure accurate results every time. 

Another factor that affects the price of oral drug tests is how quickly you need them delivered. If you require same-day delivery or overnight shipping then this will likely increase the total cost due to additional fees associated with expedited shipping services. However, if you don’t need them urgently then opting for standard ground delivery should save money in comparison.

The cost of mouth swab drug tests can vary depending on the number purchased and any bulk discounts that may be available. Now, let's look at the regulations surrounding these types of tests.

Key Takeaway
When purchasing mouth swab drug tests, it's important to do research on the company, look for bulk discounts and consider delivery times to save money.

Regulations Surrounding Mouth Swab Drug Tests

When it comes to drug testing in the workplace or other settings, there are certain laws and regulations that must be followed. Employers should always consult with a legal professional before implementing any type of drug testing policy.

Important Saliva Drug Test Laws to be Aware of

As of 2015 oral fluid testing has been included in the SAMHSA regulatory and technical guidelines. Since then it has become a more popular testing method, still it is best to do your research before you begin testing.

It is important to check the federal and sate laws to familiarize yourself before you implement a drug testing program. These laws can also vary depending on the type testing you are performing such as pre- employment drug testing, post-accident, or for healthcare related testing.

Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988: This act requires employers who receive federal grants or contracts to maintain a drug-free workplace by prohibiting the use of illegal drugs on their premises. Employers must also provide education and training about substance abuse for employees and supervisors, as well as establish an employee assistance program if necessary.

Sate laws: These vary widely. For example in some sates marijuana is legal so regulations for testing will be different. Employers should be aware of these laws before they start testing.  As well, California law states that an employer can only require a drug test after extending a job offer.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), employers must comply with specific regulations when utilizing a third-party screener to conduct drug tests. This includes providing a pre-screening disclosure and authorization form and following proper protocol in the event of a failed drug test, such as providing the individual with a copy of the background check results before taking adverse action.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII: prohibits any discrimination by employers towards employees or job applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. This includes both intentional discrimination and any unconscious bias that may result in discrimination against a protected group. To avoid any violations, it is essential for employers to ensure that their drug testing policies are fair and consistent for all candidates. To maintain compliance, employers should establish a screening policy that takes into account federal and local laws, and ensure that all candidates for a given role are screened in the same way.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) : The ADA prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities, including those related to substance abuse disorders. Therefore, employers cannot require applicants or employees to take a mouth swab test unless they have reason to believe that an individual may be under the influence while at work or poses a safety risk due to impairment from drugs or alcohol. Additionally, if an employer does decide to conduct mouth swab tests on its employees, it must do so in accordance with all applicable state laws regarding privacy rights and confidentiality requirements for medical information obtained through such tests.

Finally, when administering these types of tests in any setting—whether it’s in the workplace or elsewhere—employers should ensure that they are using accurate testing methods and procedures that meet industry standards for accuracy and reliability. For example, some states have specific guidelines regarding how long after ingestion drugs can still be detected via oral fluid samples; therefore employers should make sure they understand these guidelines before conducting any kind of drug test involving saliva collection devices like mouth swabs.

It is important to be aware of the laws and regulations surrounding mouth swab drug tests in order to ensure compliance with any applicable rules. Moving forward, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using this type of testing methodology in various settings.

Key Takeaway
Employers should understand the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, ADA regulations, and applicable state laws before administering mouth swab drug tests. They must also ensure accurate testing methods are used and adhere to industry standards for accuracy and reliability.

FAQs in Relation to Mouth Swab Drug Tests

How many days can a mouth swab detect drugs?

Generally, mouth swabs can detect most drugs for up to 72 hours after use. However, this detection window may vary depending on the type and amount of drug taken as well as individual metabolism rates. Additionally, some drugs such as marijuana may be detectable for up to 30 days after use with certain testing methods. It is important to note that mouth swab tests are not always accurate and should only be used when necessary.

What can be detected in a saliva test?

Saliva drug tests are becoming increasingly popular due to their non-invasive nature and quick results. Saliva tests can detect a variety of drugs, including amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine metabolites, marijuana metabolites (THC), methadone, opiates/opioids (heroin and codeine) and phencyclidine (PCP). These tests are often used for workplace drug testing or pre-employment screening as they provide reliable results in a short amount of time. Saliva drug tests may also be used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment programs for those who have been prescribed certain medications.

Where Can I Buy Saliva Drug Testing Kits?

There are many places to order drug testing kits such as online here at Halux Diagnostic, walgreens, Walmart, and cvs. Our test are made always at the highest level of quality with a large selection of options for panel configurations.

If you need assistance with placing an order or have any questions please feel free to contact us and out customer service team will gladly assist you.


They provide quick results, are easy to administer, and can be used for both pre-employment screening and random testing. While there may be some regulations surrounding their use, these tests have proven to be reliable when it comes to detecting drugs in a person's system. Companies that need drug testing supplies should consider investing in mouth swab drug tests as they offer accurate results at an affordable price.

We all want to keep our communities safe, and mouth swab drug tests are a great way to do that. But without the right supplies, these tests can be ineffective or even dangerous. Halux Diagnostic Inc provides high-quality, reliable drug testing supplies for use in any situation – so you know your results will always be accurate and trustworthy. Don't let unreliable test results put people at risk – choose Halux Diagnostic today!