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Why Shop at Halux Diagnostic for Drug Testing Supplies?

Halux Diagnostic Inc is a Bio Medical Technology company that provides high quality CLIA- Waived diagnostic products to a variety of industries. Our drug tests have undergone extensive product trials through our FDA approved manufacturer to ensure that our products provide results at a 99% level of accuracy. Halux Diagnostic has identified the need for a more convenient way of ordering drug testing supplies in bulk and aspires to alleviate this industry-wide issue as much as possible, through our seamless online ordering experience and our on hand dedicated support team. We continue to invest in research and development, the newest technologies in the market, in providing exceptional customer service, and in our people. All with the desire in mind to provide the absolute industry leading array of high quality products and services to our valued customers.

Why Use Drug Testing kits and Supplies?

Drug testing is used prevalently in numerous markets today for a variety of reasons. These markets include Pain Management Clinics, Correctional Facilities, Urgent Care, rehabilitation centers, Staffing, at home, the workplace, and the educational system. In the clinical markets drug testing supplies is essential for monitoring patients and helping to accurately prescribe them treatments. Drug tests are used to ensure that inmates and parolees are not committing any violations, within the markets using tests for forensic purposes such as correctional facilities. These are only a few of the many purposes and reasons that on-site drug testing can be beneficial. For more in depth information on the different markets and what drug testing supplies we recommended for your specific market please visit our Resources Page and other related pages such as Saliva Drug testing and screens and urine drug test cups

What Drug Testing Supplies Does Halux Diagnostic Offer?

Halux Diagnostic provides a variety of industry leading drug testing supplies and other various onsite diagnostic products. These include drug testing cups, drug tests dips, saliva drug tests, pregnancy tests, alcohol tests, influenza and strep tests, and iFOBT tests. Halux Diagnostic seeks to provide the highest quality products in the industry in the most convenient way possible by providing exceptional personalized customer service and a seamless online ordering experience. We want to make our customer’s lives as easy as possible in regard to ordering drug testing supplies, understanding the process, and procedures to follow in order to complete the test successfully.

Halux Diagnostic Drug Testing Kits and Supplies in the Workplace

Drug testing plays an integral part in maintaining a safe and productive workplace environment. Drug usage in the workplace is associated with decreased productivity, loss of inventory due to theft, increased workplace accidents, lost time at work, serious health problems, dysfunctional communication, impaired judgment, and disregard for safety of self and others.

What is CLIA-Waived and Why is it Important?

The clinical laboratory Improvement amendments were established in 1988 as a set of guidelines to specify which drug test are to be CLIA- waived based on the complexity of the test performed. Test that meet the requirements are able to be waived from regulatory oversight. Waived test are defined as simple procedures that are cleared by the FDA for home use and labeled as easy to use and accurate enough that it’s unlikely any mistakes will occur. Another regulatory requirement is that the test must pose no risk to the patient if the test were to be performed incorrectly. Quality standards for laboratories are established by CLIA to ensure reliability, accuracy, and timeliness of the patients test results. CLIA requirements apply to the clinical usage of drug testing. This includes any entity that performs tests on materials derived from the human body in order to provide assessment of the person’s health, information for diagnosis, and treatment or prevention of any impairment or disease. Any company performing test for these set of purposes are considered by CLIA to be a laboratory and must abide by CLIA regulations by registering with the CLIA program if they want to receive the benefits.

CLIA testing standards apply nationally and are provided through CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services). Any laboratory or Practice seeking to receive the reimbursement potential from providing CLIA- Waived test must have a CLIA- waived certificate and use CLIA approved drug screens. CLIA- Waived test reimbursements are provided in accordance with the insurance providers guidelines. Current CPT codes for billing can be looked up through the American Medical Association’s Coding Resources.

For further information about implementing CLIA-Wiaved testing into your practice check out Onsite Drug Testing in Clinical Markets.

The Importance of Understanding Cross-reactivity, Sensitivity, and Specificity

The drug testing supplies offered by Halux Diagnostic are able to detect drugs of specific classes with a high degree of reliability. Still the possibility for cross reactivity to occur is unavoidable. Substances on a reacted immunoassay fall into two categories; the targeted drug class which are expected to be detected as a positive reading and structurally similar but unrelated substances that can bring a false positive.  When the results are disputed and more information about the results are needed then confirmation testing is done. Confirmation testing is generally done by a registered lab with GCMS testing equipment. GCMS testing allows for a greater level of sensitivity and specificity. This testing allows the true positives to be separated from the false positives.

Cross Reactivity– A unrelated structurally similar substance detected that triggers a false positive.

Sensitivity- Measure of how often a test is able to correctly identify the substance within the sample as a true positive. The more sensitive a test the lower cutoff levels they possess allowing them to detect minute amounts of the tested substance. Low levels of sensitivity will produce more false negative results.

Specificity- Measure of how accurate a test is at distinguishing between a true positive and a false positive reading. Low levels of specificity will produce more false positive results.

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What Are Drug Test Kits?

Drug test kits help determine if an individual has illicit drugs, alcohol, or otherwise prohibited substances in their body. There are many different kinds of drug tests available, and you can purchase kits to test for specific substances. For example, Here at Halux Diagnostic Inc, we provide saliva and urine drug tests that can detect cocaine, opiates, marijuana, and more. We also offer saliva and urine tests specifically for detecting alcohol.

Halux Diagnostic drug testing supplies are made in FDA-approved manufacturing facilities and have been approved for use under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) waiver. CLIA-waived drug testing kits are required to be extremely simple to use and must have a very low risk of incorrect results.

Drug testing is common a common practice in many markets. Halux Diagnostic is proud to offer wholesale drug test kits to employers, schools, pain management clinics, correctional facilities, medical centers, detox and rehabilitation centers, and households. These markets, and others, buy drug test kits to help keep individuals safe, healthy, and accountable.

Benefits of Using On-Site Drug Testing Kits

There are many benefits of using onsite drug testing kits. First, onsite drug testing provides results in minutes, while it can take days to receive results from an off-site laboratory. This allows test administrators to quickly determine whether an individual passes or not, so they can take the appropriate action. For example, if a job candidate needs to pass a drug test before working, they can take an on-site urine drug test and start working if they pass.

In addition, on-site drug testing allows employers to test employees on the spot when there is an accident or random drug screening. For example, if an employee causes or is involved in an accident, an employer needs to know right away if drugs or alcohol were involved. If drug testing supplies are always on hand, employers don’t have to halt operations to ask everyone to drive to a testing facility and wait for their results.

Finally, on-site drug tests are more cost-effective than laboratory drug tests. Wholesale drug test kits are affordable to purchase online and less downtime means organizations can maintain profitability.

Detecting drug use: can be used to detect the presence of drugs in a person's system, which can help to identify individuals who may be using drugs. This can be especially important in situations where drug use is prohibited, such as in the workplace, in schools, or in certain sports organizations.

Promoting safety: can help to promote safety in situations where individuals may be impaired by drugs. For example, drug testing can help to ensure that employees are not under the influence of drugs while on the job, which can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Improving productivity: can help to improve productivity by identifying individuals who may be using drugs and addressing any substance use concerns they may have. This can help to improve overall performance and increase efficiency in the workplace.

Protecting public health: can help to protect public health by identifying individuals who may be using drugs and providing them with the support they need to address any substance use concerns they may have. This can help to reduce the negative health consequences of drug use and prevent the spread of drug-related illnesses.

Why Perform Workplace Drug Testing?

Workplace drug testing helps protect individuals and organizations. According to the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance (NDWA), over 75% of illicit drug users are currently employed. Additionally, these drug users cause around 40% of industrial deaths in the United States.

Drug testing is useful in more than industrial workplaces, however. According to the National Safety Council, individuals who abuse prescription medication are more likely to call out of work, arrive after their scheduled start time, get hurt or hurt others, file workers’ compensation claims, and leave or get fired before they’ve been with the company for one year. Therefore, organizations in every industry can benefit from workplace drug testing.

Employers who use drug testing kits strive to create a healthier and safer working environment, which helps boost employee morale and overall well-being. Drug and alcohol use at work threatens everyone involved. Employees will feel at ease with the understanding that they are around sober individuals and that their employer takes necessary precautions to protect everyone.

Why Order Drug Tests in Bulk?

Ordering drug tests in bulk allows organizations to take advantage of cost savings. Not only are on-site drug testing kits considerably more affordable than laboratory testing, but organizations can buy drug test kits from Halux Diagnostic for as little as $2.90 each. We are proud to guarantee the lowest pricing, bulk discounts, and custom price matching.

Halux Diagnostic drug testing kits are FDA approved and manufactured in facilities that maintain the highest standards. Our testing kits can be stored for over 1-year and still function properly, so you don’t have to worry about placing a large bulk order and tossing unused drug test kits. Your organization will benefit from saving money and always having quality drug tests on hand.

You will also save time because you won’t have to order as frequently. With our bulk order option, you can always have a steady stock of drug testing kits available and only order more when your stock drops below a certain threshold. This method guarantees that you won’t run out of tests.

Why Use On-Site Drug Test Kits Instead of a Laboratory?

On-site drug test kits help decrease the amount of fraudulent drug testing activity inside an organization. Typically, individuals are not monitored when they are sent to a laboratory to give a sample for drug testing. Organizations can utilize onsite saliva drug test kits to guarantee samples are not tampered with.

In addition, on-site drug testing saves a considerable amount of money. While laboratory drug testing can cost up to $150 per test, on-site drug testing can cost only a few dollars per test. Here at Halux Diagnostic, our 5-panel urine drug test with 6 adulterants to prevent tampering is only $2.90 when you order 900 or more tests.

On-site drug testing kits also allow individuals and organizations to get back to their important activities faster. If a person must get a lab drug test, they have to take either personal or company time to drive to a testing facility, wait for their turn to provide a sample, and drive back home or to work. Then, they must wait up to 48 hours to receive their results, which means they may lose out on wages or an important personal task. At the same time, employers have to go without valuable labor because they must wait for the lab to send the results back.

Simply put, on-site drug testing is more secure, cost-effective, and efficient than laboratory testing.

Where to Buy Drug Test Kits

There are a few places to buy drug test kits. Halux Diagnostic provides reliable saliva drug tests and urine drug tests that are FDA approved. Our drug test kits are also approved for use under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). The CLIA requires waived tests to be simple and highly effective, which perfectly describes Halux Diagnostic drug tests.

You can also buy drug test kits at pharmacies, Walmart, Target, and

Shop Halux Diagnostic’s easy, secure, and reliable drug test kits today.