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Every year millions of people around the world are afflicted with addiction problems. While having an addiction can often be difficult to recognize, finding resources that help patients become aware of their symptoms as well as the implications of having an addiction problem, is crucial for their recovery process.
Among the number of resources available, such as drug tests or medical supplements that can be used to monitor and/or help patients overcome ailments, finding an addiction center or medical facility that provides support and resources for treatment is perhaps one of the most important steps to take as part of the recovery process. For people needing assistance with locating a medical center to gain access to recovery resources, we recommend Addiction Network.

Addiction Network
Addiction Network is “a comprehensive addiction treatment center locator that offers services to those who are in any stage of recovery.” Their mission is to “Increase awareness and provide support and guidance for those seeking substance abuse treatment.”  If you or someone you know is currently seeking medical support while dealing with an addiction, consult with Addiction Network to receive assistance and information on services and medical centers.

Drug Tests
For people considering drug screenings, Halux Diagnostic offers a variety of high-quality drug tests that are quick, convenient, and reliable methods for performing onsite drug tests. All of our drug test cups are FDA cleared and CLIA-waived as well. 

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