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Saliva Drug Tests

We offer high quality saliva drug tests at affordable prices

Top quality saliva drug tests

99% Accuracy

Instant Results in 5-7 min

Easy To Use

Tamper Resistant

What is saliva drug screening?

Saliva drug screening is a process used to detect drugs in a person’s system through the detection of drugs or alcohol in a sample of saliva.
Saliva drug screens are for forensic use only. They are less invasive and provide additional security since they are not able to be tampered with, unlike urine drug screens. You will be able to attain results in only a matter of minutes.

Why Use a Saliva Drug Test?

Saliva drug tests are a great option if you want the added convenience of not having to deal with urine, would like a closer detection period, and would like to watch the patient take the drug test.
Saliva tests are very difficult to fake, making it a great alternative if suspected tampering with urine tests has happened in the past. The detection window period is also smaller, so you are able to detect more recent usage of an illicit substance.
In case someone has a “shy bladder,” a saliva drug screen is a great way to still be able to perform a test.

How to use a saliva drug test?

During an oral fluid drug test, an absorbent collection device or swab is placed in the mouth and rubbed on the inside of the cheeks. This should be done for a few minutes, until the indicator at the other end of the mouth swab shows color.

The saliva collected is screened for drugs of abuse. Samples are checked to verify the saliva is human and undiluted. Depending on whether the test is a lab or instant test, it will be sent to the lab and returned in 2-3 days, or placed in the container and show results in 5-7 minutes.

Where can I buy saliva drug screens?

If you’re looking for saliva drug screens, you can go to your local drug store to see if they sell them, but a fail proof way to acquire them is to purchase from a reputable online shop specialized in drug testing, such as Halux Diagnostic.

When you utilize a mouth swab drug test from Halux Diagnostic, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Non-invasive testing
  • 99% accuracy
  • Easy to use and easy to read results
  • Rapid results in 5 min or less
  • Individually sealed in an air-tight pouch
  • Detects more recent usage

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