employment drug testing
5 important things you need to know about employment drug testing
July 13, 2022
drug tesing in the workplace
A Comprehensive Guide: Drug Testing in the Workplace
January 24, 2023
employment drug testing
5 important things you need to know about employment drug testing
July 13, 2022
drug tesing in the workplace
A Comprehensive Guide: Drug Testing in the Workplace
January 24, 2023

 Benefits of Onsite Drug Test Kits

onsite drug test

What is an Onsite Drug Test Kit?

Onsite drug test kits are scientific tools that are used to test if the person being tested has drugs in their system. These testing kits are especially important for employers, schools, and sometimes parents.

There are two types of instant drug tests: saliva and urine. Saliva testing is a lot more effortless and simple, but doesn’t have as long of a detection period. Additionally, saliva tests are only able to test for drugs that were taken 48 hours or less prior to the test. Urine tests have the ability to detect drugs that were used sometimes 30 days prior to testing!

Apart from on-site drug tests, there is also the option of getting tested at a laboratory or clinic. Typically, the lab results can take 2-3 days to fully process. Lab tests are considered the  standard in terms of drug testing, but they can cost the employer $20 to $25 per test.

Quick History About Drug Testing

For hundreds of years, drugs have been a part of society. The history of drugs has been rough, to say the least, considering the ups and downs as well as the many different ways they have contributed to society.

The earliest mention of drugs in society dates back to around 8000 BCE. The oldest drug to be discovered happens to be marijuana, and like most drugs, it was initially used for medicinal purposes. Marijuana was even found in the tombs of nobility from China and Siberia that date back to 2500 BCE.

Society is familiar with all sorts of drugs, whether illegal or not. It is no surprise or even a question that drugs have a negative effect on society as a whole, and drugs are being abused every single day.

With drugs being widely available, it became easy for people to use and soon enough become addicted to them. Although we have the right to choose our own actions, drug use quickly became an issue in society because of the impact it had on not just the user, but everyone around them.

Many drug abusers weren’t able to maintain a job, and those who did have a job were putting others at risk. Businesses or warehouses that use large and heavy equipment or toxic chemicals should be extra cautious when it comes to hiring employees. Being under the influence doesn’t allow a person to work to their best ability. One mistake could lead to disastrous and fatal accidents due to impairments.

It is common for children of drug users to be neglected or abused because the parents are preoccupied with their own activities, resulting and poor health and general care of the children. Many children are also born with medical conditions and issues due to the mothers using drugs during the pregnancy.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that the United States began drug testing to attempt to minimize the drug issue of the country. Though it’s an ongoing issue, the number of positive drug tests in the workplace has decreased in the past quarter century.

Benefits of Onsite Drug Testing Kits

When the pandemic hit in 2019, many businesses had to shut down or reduce their hours for protection against the virus. Unfortunately, many labs and facilities did the same, leaving a numerous amount of job applicants waiting to get hired during such a rough period in time. The solution to this was on-site testing kits because it allowed employers to test on the spot, get rapid results and keep business moving.

Here are some of the benefits of onsite drug testing kits:

  1. Saves Time for All Parties Involved

As mentioned above, on-site testing kits are rapid and instant. Within minutes of collection, you can have the result of your test rather than wait 2-3 days from a lab or facility. Apart from the wait time for the result, getting employees or students to the lab or facility can also take some time. This massively reduces the amount of wait time for all parties.

  1. The More Cost-Effective Option

Drug tests can be pricey, depending on where you go and how many job applicants a company is looking to hire. Our drug tests are a lot more affordable, especially when bought in bulk. Save on clinic fees and go for on-site drug tests instead.

  1. Less Chance for Cheating

Unfortunately, many people find ways to cheat on their drug tests. This is more common with urine tests but having on-site drug tests gives the ability to reduce the chance for cheating. Saliva tests can be performed by or in front of the employer or person in charge, resulting in more accurate results.

  1. Multiple Tests at Once

With our on-site drug tests, it is much easier to screen multiple people at once. Most of the time, labs and facilities don’t have enough availability to test multiple people from your company or organization on the same day, let alone the same time frame. On-site drug tests makes testing much easier, and you’ll have everyone’s results in minutes.

  1. Boosts Integrity and Morale

When a company or organization provides drug testing for their employees or staff, it boosts the integrity of the people that work there. Some companies provide regular drug testing which causes workers to think twice before participating in substances. Additionally, employees appreciate when an employer is committed to providing a safe environment in the workspace. In return, employees will be more motivated to work harder.

When employees are under the influence, everyone is at risk. It is more likely that they are less productive, less focused, and are not able to complete their tasks in an effective matter. When this happens, all the other employees must take on more work to complete tasks that need to get done. This will most likely cause the overworked employees to become less productive as well, causing a never ending loop.

When are Drug Tests Required?

Here are a few situations as to when and why a drug test may be conducted:


As we mentioned above, screening for drugs prior to employment is important and it is very common. Once hired, employers may conduct a random on-the-job drug test to ensure that the employees are free from substances. It is also common to receive a drug test after an employee causes a work accident in order to see if drugs or alcohol were part of the reason for the accident.


Unfortunately, drug use amongst adolescents has become a problem in this country, which creates challenges amongst students, teachers, faculty and families. Similar to the issues drugs can cause in the workplace, drug use in schools causes major health risks to students and the community as a whole. For this reason, many schools conduct random drug tests amongst the students regardless of their history of drug use. Knowing that random drug tests are available, the students are less likely to participate in drugs. It will increase the safety of all students and faculty members, as well as the focus and academic improvement of the students. If students test positive for drugs, the schools will be able to help with early intervention and treatment.


Professional and student athletes are drug tested frequently for drugs that may enhance their performance. They are tested for drugs such as masking agents, stimulants, recreational drugs, peptide hormones and steroids. Those who fail the drug test are often times banned from their sport since it is against the rules and an unfair advantage to other participants.

Prescription Drugs

After an injury, you may be prescribed a medication that can be addictive. If this occurs, it is possible for your medical provider to conduct regular drug tests to make sure you are taking your medicine correctly, as well as prevent abuse from happening.

Drug testing has made a positive impact in society because it helps maintain a safe and drug-free space, whether that be at work, school or even home. Thanks to on-site drug test kits, drug testing has become easier and more accessible to everyone. If you’re on the hunt for accurate, easy to use drug testing kits, check out Halux Diagnostic Inc for more information and contact us if you have any questions! 

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