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July 8, 2022

5 important things you need to know about employment drug testing

Many businesses require employment drug testing before you actually get hired, specifically to prevent any possible problems. Any drug issues can lead to many worksite risks, so it’s crucial for them to ask for pre-employment drug testing or any other similar things. It’s crucial to hire the right people, and checking their history as well as testing for drugs can be very helpful.

What is employment drug testing?

Simple put, drug testing and employee monitoring have become crucial over the years, especially with all the things happening these days. The employment drug testing can help check a potential hire and see if they either abuse prescription medication or if they use any illicit substances. Employment drug testing near me can also be suitable in cases when you want to check a returning employee, either someone that came back from a leave of absence or an injury.

What drugs are tested?

Generally, the employment drug testing system will check for phencyclidine, opiates, cocaine, THC or methamphetamines. All of these are illegal drugs, and normally no person should have such compounds in their body. However, a company needs to know if their potential/current employee either uses or used these illicit substances recently. The employment drug testing will rely on various specimen types. These can range from saliva to blood, hair, urine and many others. These substances can be found anywhere from 5 to 10 days in urine, but hair drug tests are more efficient since these illicit substances can stay up to 90 days in the human hair. Blood testing is also very accurate too.

Is employment drug testing legal?

The legality of employment drug testing will vary from state to state. In some cases, workplace drug testing is normal. Talking with the legal counsel is crucial since it will give you a good insight into how legal or not this type of testing really is. It’s a good idea to let the applicant know about employment drug testing beforehand and also ensure that everyone, even current hires go through the same process. These drug tests also need to be processed by a certified laboratory.

Should companies perform employment drug testing?

Yes, because drug use can lead to 5x more injuries. On top of that, around 50% of the worker compensation claims have some sort of workplace substance abuse connection. Any use of illegal substances can lead to 3.5x more accidents too.


While employment drug testing is not legal everywhere, it’s definitely one of the best ways to prevent any possible workplace hazards that might arise. Working closely with the best company that offers employment drug testing is a great idea, since it can help your business avoid many issues, especially from a legal standpoint. Following the best practice guidelines listed above also helps, and it will make the process better and easier in the long run. Rest assured that employment drug testing can protect your business from liability, plus you can also hire the right people without having any second thoughts about their history!

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