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12 Panel Round Drug Test Cup-Urine Drug Test Cup FDA-Cleared & CLIA-Waived
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CLIA-Waived Fecal Occult Blood Test Kit- iFOBT Test

The fecal occult blood test kit is used to detect the presence of blood in stool (feces).

Features of the Fecal Occult Blood Test Kit -iFOBT Test

  • • Aids in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer
  • • Instant results in 5 min or less
  • • Easy to use collection materials
  • • Excellent for POC testing in a laboratory or physician office
  • • An immunoassay test specific to human hemoglobin
  • • Accuracy not effected by patients diet – Immunochemical test
  • • Sensitivity levels at 50 ng/mL

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Why Use a Fecal Occult Blood Test Kit ifob test?

A fecal occult blood test kit is a rapid, qualitative sandwich immunoassay that can be used to detect blood in the stool (feces) that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye.  If there is blood in the stool this means there is likely a an issue with bleeding within the digestive tract.  This can be caused by various gastrointestinal issues including hemorroids, polyps, diverticulosis, colitis, and ulcers.  Blood in the stool can also be a sign of colorectal cancer, which is a form of cancer that starts in the rectum or colon. A fecal occult blood test kit can be a valuable tool in reveling the early signs of colorectal cancer, when treatment will be most effective.  By revealing the existence of cancers early with a fecal occult blood test kit, when the cancers are small before they metastasize patients can be cured through surgery.  According to the American Cancer Society   Colorectal Cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women within the United States, excluding skin cancers.

What’s Provided with Your Fecal Occult Blood Test Kit – iFOBT Test (25 Tests)

  1. 25 testing devices
  2. desiccant
  3. specimen collection tube with extraction buffer
  4. Package Insert

How Should You Use a Fecal Occult Blood Test Kit?

A fecal occult blood test kit is an important tool in screening for the early signs of colon cancer but, since it only detects a subset of pre-cancerous and cancerous polyps it must be accompanied by further testing.  An endoscopic examination of the colon is recommended.  By using a fecal occult blood test kit to reveal the early onset of cancer patients are able to get the necessary treatment to most often beat the cancer.

What is Colorectal Cancer?

Colorectal cancer is a disease that originates within the rectum or colon where abnormal cells start to divide uncontrollably eventually forming a malignant tumor.  The cancer tends to begin as a polyp which is an aberrant growth that will then line the inner wall of the colon and rectum.  Polyps are much more likely to occur in people over the age of 50 with the large majority not turning cancerous. Certain types of polyps called adonema have a much higher chance of turning into cancer.

Benefits of Using a Fob Test Kit

Fecal occult blood test (FOB) kits are a reliable and cost-effective way to detect the presence of hidden blood in stool samples.

FOB tests can be used by both healthcare professionals and individuals at home, making them an invaluable tool for early detection of colorectal cancer.

Professional Grade Kits:

Professional grade FOB test kits are designed for use in clinical settings such as hospitals or doctor’s offices.

These kits typically require special training and certification to operate correctly, but they offer the highest level of accuracy available on the market today.

Professional grade FOB test kits are also CLIA waived, meaning that they have been approved by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments program for testing with minimal risk to patients or operators.

How To Use:

Using an FOB test kit is relatively simple; most come with detailed instructions that explain how each step should be performed properly.

Generally speaking, using an at-home kit involves collecting a small sample of stool onto a card or slide provided with the kit then applying reagents supplied with it according to directions included in the package insert before sending it off for analysis by lab technicians trained specifically in this type of testing procedure .

The results will usually take anywhere from one day up two weeks depending on where you send your sample off too .

Benefits Of Using A Test Kit:

The primary benefit of using an FOB test kit is its ability to detect even trace amounts of hidden blood which could indicate potential problems like colorectal cancer long before more serious symptoms appear .

Early detection allows doctors time enough time diagnose and treat any issues quickly , greatly increasing patient survival rates .

Additionally , since many insurance companies cover some portion if not all costs associated with these tests , they can often save money over traditional methods like colonoscopies while still providing valuable insight into potential health risks .

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