Workplace drug-testing programs
May 11, 2022
how much urine do you need for a urine drug test
How many millimeters (ml) of urine do you need for a urine drug test?
May 23, 2022

What drugs are tested with a 12-Panel Drug Test and why perform a drug test?



There are many reasons to perform a drug test. Most employers nowadays require a drug test for prospective employees, patients in drug rehab facilities are tested to ensure compliance, and drug tests are performed at correctional facilities, law enforcement departments, just to name a few. Many employers randomly drug test employees to rule out any on-the-job drug abuse. Regardless of the reason for testing, there are many different types of drug tests; however, our focus will be on the 12-Panel Drug Test and the drugs it tests for.

The 12-Panel Drug Test is a very common drug test and can be found over the counter in your local store or pharmacy. This drug test is usually very simple to administer, and results can be read in minutes. The 12 drugs that are being tested for are: 1) Cocaine, 2) Marijuana, 3) Phencyclidine, 4) Amphetamines, 5) Opiates, 6) Propoxyphene, 7) Methadone, 8) Benzodiazepines, 9) Barbiturates, 10) Meperidine, 11) Tramadol and 12) Oxycodone.

Why is it important to perform a drug test? Because of the known opioid crisis and drug abuse problems that affect every sector of our society, employers help encourage a safe and healthy community whether that be for school bus drivers driving our children to school or for construction workers operating heavy machinery while constructing building projects. It’s reported that employees who are using drugs are one-third (1/3) less productive than those employees who are not using drugs. Employees using drugs also present a danger to themselves, their co-workers, and the general public, and they incur four times the medical expenses of the average employee. Drug testing can uncover drug dependency problems and forces people to confront the issue. This intervention can ultimately be a lifesaver.

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