The Benefits of using a Saliva Drug Test
The Benefits of using a Saliva Drug Test
November 22, 2021
What are the main reasons for administering a drug test
November 23, 2021

What drugs are detected on a 12-panel drug test?

The 12-panel drug test is a commonly used test that can be found over the counter in your local store or pharmacy. This test is very simple, and once administered, results can be read in a matter of minutes. Let’s learn what the 12 different types of drugs are that can be detected with the 12-panel drug test.

The 12-panel drug test is one of the top-selling drug tests on the market. This test is able to test for 12 different drugs, including painkillers. Thedrugsthat are being tested for are cocaine, marijuana, phencyclidine, amphetamines, opiates, propoxyphene, methadone, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, meperidine, tramadol and oxycodone.

Work environments and medical professionals usually seek results from a 12-panel drug test because the test provides quick and accurate results. This test is available for both urine and hair; however, collecting a urine sample is more common. The person simply has to collect their urine in a plastic container, preferably in the morning, and then have the sample tested through a test strip.

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