What drugs are detected on a 12-panel drug test?
November 23, 2021
Reliability of a drug test
Reliability of a drug test
December 15, 2021

What are the main reasons for administering a drug test

Everyday drug tests are being administered for many different reasons; however, there are two main reasons why people are being tested. Let’s explore these two reasons in the next couple paragraphs and learn the importance of people being drug tested.

One reason people are administered a drug test is for pre-employment reasons. Employers want to make sure their current/or future employees do not have a drug addiction problem. This will enable employers to provide a safe working environment for everyone. Decreased productivity, accidents and theft due to drug addiction are also prevented when employees or prospective employees are drug tested.

A second reason people are drug tested is to detect early or current drug abuse by medical professionals. A health professional is able to prescribe or stop prescribing certain medications if drug abuse is detected. They are also able to determine if a person needs further help with their abuse by going to a rehabilitation center. Rehabilitation centers help people fully recover from their addictions by monitoring their progress day by day.

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