What is the 10 Panel Drug Test used for?
April 23, 2021

What drug test do most employers use?



Onsite drug testing is a convenient and frequently used method that employers opt for to determine if current job applicants or employees are using drugs. By identifying evidence of recent use of prescription drugs or illicit drugs, onsite drug testing can help to prevent a wide range of situations such as work absenteeism or even the likelihood of workplace theft..

Although drug screenings are a common practice for both public and private sectors, many employers often go through a process of doubts and uncertainties about the process itself. From questions regarding what drug test most employers’ use, to concerns as to what to avoid before a drug test, there are many resources available to help prepare employers.

When it comes to testing options, while saliva and urine tests are frequently used for onsite drug testing, most organizations and companies have chosen “urine drug testing” as the preferred drug testing method for its sensitivity and accuracy. Although urine drug testing is a popular and effective choice, oral fluid tests can detect recent drug usage and are less likely to produce false positives. For inquiries regarding drug testing options, contact Halux Diagnostic at (407) 680-2209, to receive help and guidance on the selection of the right drug testing product for your company.

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