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January 25, 2019
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Benefits Of Onsite Drug Testing In The Healthcare Industry



Onsite drug testing in the Healthcare Industry is designed to bring both convenience and safety… to


Why Provide Onsite Drug Testing as a Pain Management Clinic, Behavioral Health Clinic, or Other Clinical Facility?

Onsite drug testing in the Healthcare Industry is designed to bring both convenience and safety to patients and the licensed practitioners administering the drug tests.  When a new patient comes to a clinic to receive treatment there are 2 options we recommend. Either you provide the service of performing onsite drug testing with Immunoassay devices such as our 12 Panel Drug Test Cups, then send resulting positives for lab confirmations, or you direct the patients to get all their onsite drug testing at a certified laboratory such as LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics. Both are effective methods that will derive the same end results, but different procedures are followed depending on which route you take.  If deciding to use onsite drug testing products, we recommend you test all new incoming patients with an adulterants panel such as our 12 Panel Drug Test Cup W/ Adulterants to ensure the integrity of the initial specimen prior to any further treatment.


Onsite Drug Testing From a Clinics Perspective

By providing onsite drug testing, a clinic is able to run more efficiently, safely, and add a value added service that increases their revenue earning potential. Above all else, we hold the safety of patients and the ability for clinicians to accurately prescribe the patients effectively as the paramount concerns.  When admitting a new patient to a clinic, it is standard protocol to perform a drug test to have an understanding of any substances currently within the patients system. This information helps to ensure the safe treatment of the individual if controlled substance therapy is necessary. By utilizing an onsite drug testing device the results to the test are revealed within 5-7 minutes saving you time by not having to wait on the 24-48 hrs wait time of a typical laboratory. If you are providing the onsite CLIA-Waived test as a service to patients the clinic will receive the full reimbursement potential of performing the onsite drug testing.
The reimbursement will come from the patient’s insurance provider after successfully completing the test and documenting it through the correct CPT code. For information regarding current CPT codes please reference the American Medical Association’s Coding Resources.  Law requires you to have CLIA-Certificate approval first before performing any onsite drug tests for clinical purposes. The application process can be found on (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). For further information regarding what CLIA-Waived testing is please visit our resource on What is CLIA-Waived and Why is it Important? You are also welcome to Contact our office with any questions.


Onsite Drug Testing From a Patients Perspective

Regardless of the method of testing used, it is expected to at times have backlash from the patients. Some feel it is a violation of their privacy, a sign of distrust, or just that there is no reason they are needing to be tested.  It is up to clinic to help the patients understand that it is necessary for safe and effective treatment. If your facility decides to provide onsite drug testing, then there is no need to interrupt the admission process for the patient by sending them to a lab.  With the results in hand, you are able to continue with the next step, allowing for the process to be more streamline and easier on the patient.  Resulting in happier patients that are able to get the treatments they need much more quickly. Patients may not always fully understand the reasons for the necessity of drug testing, but they need to be made aware that it is with their safety and concern in mind.
For further information on drug testing your patients such as “How often should I be drug testing my patients?” Please check out an informative guide provided by (Urine Drug Test (UDT) Decision Support).