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April 6, 2021
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2020`s Best Selling Drug Tests

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2020`s Best Selling Drug Tests

The year 2020 was one of the most impactful years for each one of us due to the worldwide pandemic, Covid 19; and because of this, many medical procedures had to be postponed. However, some procedures that existed even before the pandemic started, will continue being used every single day because of their importance to society. Drug Tests, for instance, are needed and are still being performed by millions every day for many different reasons.

During 2020, the bestselling drug tests were the 10-Panel Saliva Drug Test and the 12-panel urine drug test, mainly because of how simple and fast each one of the tests can be performed. The 10-Panel Saliva Drug Test uses a mouth swap to collect the patient’s saliva to test for drugs and alcohol. This is an excellent option because it`s more difficult to tamper with the results, which allows medical professionals to prescribe the correct kind of treatment.

The 12-panel Urine Drug Test is also a popular test administered amongst the medical field, law enforcement officials, and/or employers that tests for additional drugs and painkillers that lower numbered panel tests may not detect. This test is similar to the previous test mentioned because it’s also easy to perform, however, unlike saliva being collected, a urine sample is what’s collected. Once the patient gives the sample to the administrator, results can be seen within 5 minutes or less.

At Halux Diagnostic, we offer these top selling drug tests that can be administered at home with quick results and 99% accuracy. Drug testing cups, drug test dips, saliva drug tests, and alcohol tests are some of the quality products we provide. Visit our website at to browse through the options we have available for you.
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