Urine Drug Test Cup Clia waived FDA Approved
14 PANEL DRUG TEST CUP-Urine Drug Test Cup FDA-Cleared & CLIA-Waived
March 23, 2019
Drug test cup AD
13 PANEL DRUG TEST CUP W/3 Adulterants – FDA Cleared and CLIA-Waived
April 23, 2019

10 PANEL DRUG TEST CUP W/6 Adulterants-FDA Cleared and CLIA-Waived

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Benefits of the 10 Panel Cup w/6 Adulterants                                     

⏺ CLIA-Waived and FDA 510k approved

⏺ 99% accuracy

⏺ 6 Adulterant tests

⏺ Flat front for photocopying

⏺ Quick results

⏺ Easy to use

⏺ Temperature strip included

Configurations Offered

MDC-7104AD- Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, Methamphetamines, Tryciclics Anti-Depresant, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Oxycodone, and Buprenorphines.

MDC-1104AD-  Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, Amphetamines, Methamphetamine, PCP, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, and Tricyclis Anti Depresants.

MDC-4104AD – Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, Amphetamines, Methamphetamine, PCP, Benzodiazepines, Barbituate, Methadone, Oxycodone.

What is a 10 Panel Drug Test Cup w/6AD?

Our 10 panel cup with 6 adulterants is a self-contained and fully integrated testing device, used to detect both drug metabolites in urine and adulterants to ensure that the sample hasn’t been tampered with.  The 6 adulterants tested are Oxidants, Specific Gravity, Ph, Nitrite, Glutaraldehyde, and Creatinine. All our drug testing cups are both FDA-510k approved and CLIA-Waived.  You will see results in 5 minutes or less, saving you time by not having to wait on the typical 24-48 hours wait time of a laboratory.  When results are ready they are able to be photocopied due to our flat sided design of the cup.  The lids form a tight seal and are leak proof making the product safe for transporting if lab confirmation testing is necessary.  Our tests are competitively priced and ordering in bulk is encouraged if you have the ability to do so, in order to achieve maximum savings.

What is adulterant testing?

Specimen Adulteration– Deliberatively tampering with a urine sample in order to avoid a positive test result. An adulterated specimen may contain foreign substances added or be highly diluted making it inconsistent with normal human urine.

Oxidants– Foreign chemical substances that are added to a test in order to tamper with the results.  This test reveals if any of the most common oxidizing agents such as bleach, have been added to a urine sample. The affect oxidizing agents have on the urine depends on the amount added and the duration of time it has been in the urine

Specific Gravity– The measure of the density of a substance compared to the density of water.  It is used to test if the sample has been diluted. In urine the SG is a measure of the concentration of solid particles that have been dissolved.  Low levels of SG are indicative of a test that has apparent dilution

Ph– Is the measurement of acidity – alkalinity level of the urine.  The acceptable levels of urine Ph lie in the 4.0 – 9.0 range. Anything outside of this parameter indicates the likelihood of an altered sample

Nitrite– Tests for commonly used commercial adulterants such as Klear or Whizzies.  They work by oxidizing the primary Cannabinoid metabolite 11-Hydroxy-THC.  Urine should have no traces of nitrite

Glutaraldehyde– Tests for the presence of an Aldehyde. Some commercial adulterants such as clear choice and Urnaid contain Aldehyde which can cause a false negative reading due to the disruption of the enzyme used in some drug screening devices

Creatinine – A waste product of Creatine, which is an amino acid found in muscle tissue and contained in urine. A person may attempt to flush their system by drinking excessive amounts of water or other diuretics such as coffee or green tea. This can result in a diluted sample. Creatinine is a way to check for the possibility of diluted urine, which is one of the most common methods people use to circumvent drug testing. The absence of Creatinine is indicative of a sample inconsistent with human urine.


Why Provide Onsite Drug Testing as a Pain Management Clinic, Behavioral Health Clinic, or Other Clinical Facility?

Onsite drug testing in the Healthcare Industry is designed to bring both convenience and safety to patients and the licensed practitioners administering the drug tests.  When a new patient comes to a clinic to receive treatment there are 2 options we recommend. Either you provide the service of performing onsite drug tests with Immunoassay devices such as our 10 Panel Drug Test Cup, then send resulting positives for lab confirmations or you direct the patients to get all their testing done at a certified laboratory such as LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics. Both are effective methods that will derive the same end results but different procedures are followed depending on which route you take.  If deciding to use onsite drug testing products we recommend you test all new incoming patients with an adulterants panel such as our 10 Panel Drug Test Cup W/6AD  to ensure the integrity of the initial specimen prior to any further treatment.

Onsite Drug Testing From a Clinics Perspective

By providing onsite drug testing a clinic is able to run more efficiently, safely, and add a value added service that increases their revenue earning potential. Above all else we hold the safety of patients and the ability for clinicians to accurately prescribe the patients effectively as the paramount concerns.  When admitting a new patient to a clinic it is standard protocol to perform a drug test to have an understanding of any substances currently within the patients system. This information helps to ensure the safe treatment of the individual if controlled substance therapy is necessary. By utilizing an onsite drug testing device the results to the test are revealed within 5-7 minutes saving you time by not having to wait on the typical 24-48 hrs wait time of a typical laboratory. If you are providing the onsite CLIA-Waived test as a service to patients the clinic will receive the full reimbursement potential of performing the onsite test.

The reimbursement will come from the patient’s insurance provider after successfully completing the test and documenting it through the correct CPT code. For information regarding current CPT codes please reference the American Medical Association’s Coding Resources.  Law requires you to have CLIA-Certificate approval first before performing any onsite drug tests for clinical purposes. The application process can be found on CMS.gov (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). For further information regarding what CLIA-Waived testing is please visit our resource on What is CLIA-Waived and Why is it Important? You are also welcome to Contact our office with any questions.

Onsite Drug Testing From a Patients Perspective

Regardless of the method of testing used it is expected to at times have backlash from the patients. Some feel it is a violation of their privacy, a sign of distrust, or just that there is no reason they are needing to be tested.  It is up to clinic to help the patients understand that it is necessary for safe and effective treatment. If your facility decides to provide onsite drug tests then there is no need to interrupt the admission process for the patient by sending them to a lab.  With the results in hand you are able to continue with the next step allowing for the process to be more streamline and easier on the patient.  Resulting in happier patients that are able to get the treatments they need much more quickly. Patients may not always fully understand the reasons for the necessity of drug testing but they need to be made aware that it is with their safety and concern in mind.

For further information on drug testing your patients such as “How often should I be drug testing my patients?” Please check out an informative guide provided by MyTopCare.org (Urine Drug Test (UDT) Decision Support).

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