Saliva Oral Fluids Mouth Swab Drug Test
5 Panel Saliva Drug Test – Oral Mouth Swab Drug Test
April 24, 2019
fentanyl drug test kit
Fentanyl Drug Test Kits
April 24, 2019



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What is a Single Dip Test?

Our dip tests are an easy and reliable way to perform a drug test.  They are great for use in a professional setting such as in the workplace or simply for use at home.  Single dip test are a great alternative to using a laboratory that will usually require a wait time of 24-48 hrs to receive results after the test is completed. With our onsite dip tests you can have results in 5 minutes or less.

Single Dip Tests Offered

Marijuana THC – DTH 114 Cocaine – DCO 114
Methamphetamine – DMA 114 Amphetamine – DAM 114
Opiates 300ng – DMO 114 Opiates 2,000ng – DOP 114
Ecstasy (MDMA) – DMD 114 Oxycodone – DOX-113
Benzodiazepines – DBZ 114 Methadone – DMT 114
Barbiturates – DBA 114 Phencyclidine – DCP 114 Buprenorphine – DBU 114 Tramadol – DTR-114


To perform the test follow the steps below:

  • First collect the urine sample from the donor in a collection cup
  • Read the temperature strip to make sure is between the correct temperature range
  • Remove the cap from the Single dip test card and immerse the absorbent strips in the urine
  • DO NOT pass the arrow on the strips when submerging the test card since this can flood the test and invalidate the drug test card
  • After all the lines in the C (control) region appear you can read the lines in T (test) area
  • Please follow the image below to interpret the results


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