Can you test for the same types of drugs on a saliva drug screen and a urine drug test?
November 10, 2020
February 12, 2021

Which drug test is better? A saliva drug screening or urine drug test?


There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Both tests have pros and cons, so some people may argue that it’s not easy to respond to this question because there are a few things to consider.

Since drug tests have been available for employee drug screening, most employers, organizations and companies have chosen “urine drug testing” as the preferred drug testing method because there are multiple studies showing its benefits and effectiveness, such as “sensitivity and specificity”.

The advantages and disadvantages of urine testing are obvious and generally understood by most people who are involved with drug testing. Nonetheless, there are many people, organizations and employers who prefer using the “saliva or oral fluid” testing.

The 6-panel saliva drug test is a preferred alternative to urine testing for some due to its non-invasive nature and ease of administration. It offers rapid results and can detect a variety of commonly abused drugs, making it suitable for certain situations where urine testing may not be feasible or practical.

Find below an amazingly simple comparison between saliva and urine drug test:

Ease of collection:

  • Urine drug test: The collection procedure could be viewed as a invasion of privacy if not conducted properly
  • Saliva drug test: The collection procedure could be viewed as les intrusive. If confirmation testing is required, can be problematic in some individuals.

Drugs detected on the test:

  • Urine drug test: amphetamines – methamphetamines - benzodiazepines – barbiturates - marijuana - cocaine – PCP – methadone - opioids (narcotics)
  • Saliva drug test: Amphetamine/methamphetamine/ecstasy – Barbiturates – Benzodiazepines - Cannabinoid (THC) – Cocaine - Ethyl Alcohol - Opiates (codeine, morphine, 6-acetylmorphine) - Phencyclidine (PCP) - Propoxyphene

When it comes to weighing the benefits of oral fluid vs. urine drug testing, many people focus on the accuracy of the two options. Although urine is a popular and effective choice, oral fluid tests can detect recent drug usage and are less likely to produce false positives.

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