Reliability of a drug test
December 15, 2021
Difference between the Reliability of a Saliva and Urine drug test
December 27, 2021

Laboratory Supplies

Laboratory supplies are essential for performing precise, controlled research, experiments and tests in laboratories. The supplies that can be found in these laboratories vary depending on the type of lab. What’s most important is that these supplies are certified and meet regulatory compliance. Hospital labs and/or physicians’ office labs benefit from having a full stock of these supplies for their patients. Not only is having the supplies readily available is important, but the fact these supplies are also of the highest quality is necessary for precise testing and accurate results. The patients also benefit from their doctors having these type of supplies in the lab so the correct diagnosis can be made and the appropriate treatment started.

At Halux Diagnostic, we offer various types of industry leading drug testing supplies for your lab. Drug testing cups, drug test dips, saliva drug tests, and alcohol drug tests are some of the quality testing products we provide.

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