Drug Testing Supplies

We Offer High Quality CLIA-Waived and FDA-510(k) Cleared Drug Testing Supplies at Affordable Prices

What Type of Drug Testing Supplies Do You Need?



Drug Testing Cups


Saliva Drug Tests


Drug Tests Dips


Alcohol Tests

Why Customers Use Our Drug Testing Supplies?


99% Accuracy


Instant Results in 5-7 min


Easy To Use


CLIA-Waived & FDA Cleared


What Drug Testing Supplies is Best for Me?

We find it best to ask yourself these questions to help in determining what you need.

Do I need CLIA-Waived Products?

If yes, then your options will be either the drug test dips or the drug test cups. If you will be consistently drug testing, we do recommend using the drug test cups due to them being more convenient than the dip cards. However, if having a low cost is the highest concern, then we would recommend viewing the drug test dips.

Is a Saliva Drug Test or Urine Drug Test Better for Me?

Saliva tests are better if you would like to view the applicant as they are taking the drug test and would like the added convenience over dealing with urine samples. If viewing the applicant isn’t necessary and having a further detection period is more beneficial, then using either a drug test dips or drug test cups would be ideal.

How Many Drugs Do I Need to Test for?

The answer to this question really is different for every situation. We offer single drug tests all the way up to a 14-panel drug test cup. However, we can do custom orders to your specifications all the way up to a 16 panel drug test.