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What are Drug Testing Kits for Employers?

Drug Testing Kits allow companies to test prospective employment candidates for drug use prior to an employment contract. While many employers use a standard 5-panel urine drug testing cup to test for the most common street drugs (Marijuana THC, Cocaine COC, Phencyclidine PCP, Opiates OPI (i.e. codeine and morphine) and Amphetamines AMP (which includes Methamphetamine mAMP)], it is becoming more common for employers to use a 10-panel drug test cup, dip card or cassette device that also tests for prescription drug use.

What are the benefits of Drug Testing Kits for Employers?

Onsite drug testing is a convenient and economical method that employers can use to help identify evidence of recent use of prescription drugs or illicit drugs. There are many reasons why it is in the best interest of a company to drug test their current workforce and any potential new hires.

Halux DIAGNOSTIC highlights some common reasons for implementing Drug Testing Kits for Employers:

 Prevent hiring drug abusers
 Decrease lost time at work
 Decreased absenteeism
 Increase workplace safety
 Lessen the likelihood of workplace theft
 Provide a safer workplace
 Increase productivity
 Lessen accidents at work and worker’s compensation claims

How much it cost?

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How do Employers Begin Drug Testing?

There are a variety of ways you can start drug testing your employees. If you are carrying out the hiring process internally, then we recommend two options. Either you hire a company that offers onsite drug screening services, or you do the drug testing yourself using a product such as our drug testing dips, drug testing cups, or saliva tests. Although drug screening services can be very convenient, they can also become very expensive if frequent drug screening is necessary for your company. Depending on which route you take, it is always good to be aware of the correct procedures to follow.

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